The Case for a “Livable wage” is falling apart

In the typical class warfare rhetoric Democrats have been harping on what they call a “livable wage”. A method for the Government to gain more control over the markets by picking which companies to favor and subsidize and which ones to allow to go bankrupt due to burdensome regulations on their payroll (see Obamacare for starters). Now, just as Conservatives speculated the National Bureau of Economic Research released a study that shows the reduction of wages for low-income workers as much as $125 a month.

According to the study the increase in wage to $13 has reduced hours for low-income workers by 9%. Because the Left has no interest in how business works and they consider anything that involves capitalism to be evil it is not surprising that they would give no consideration to how the business market would need to adjust to continue to remain profitable and therefor relevant in the industry. Democrats have found a way to convince a swath of young voters that somehow working at a burger place or as a cashier should be sufficient to support a family, which should be insane to any rational human being.

Lucky for Bernie, nobody gets to work 40 hours anymore because of the wage. Workers will be replaced by automation by companies who can afford to, and those who can’t will close their doors. Thanks Liberals, now we’ll have an employment crisis, but then you could get them on Government assistance and have dependent voters for another election cycle.


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