The American media has failed 

After a Twitter feud erupted between Joe Scarborough, Mika Bryzinski, and Donald Trump it would appear that American media is more interested in reporting gossip headlines as news than anything else. I’m sure some of this comes from a need to defend fellow journalists, even though I’ve written previous articles showing Joe Scarborough’s unhealthy obsession with Trump.

Headlines in smaller publications all read “Kushner demanded morning Joe apologize or National Enquirer will run a negative story”. First off, this is the claim made by Scarborough, the Trump team claims that Scarborough reached out to get Trump to stop the article. The real question really is who cares? Secondly, the question nobody is asking, why was Scarborough communicating with Trump advisors if he loathed them so much? It has become apparent that some weird dispute among associates has taken national headlines, note that Scarborough never denied being at Mar-a-Lago.

The reality is that media is obsessed with painting Trump negatively on a daily basis. This is good because it means the Left will never become substantive and will only exist as an opposition party, which will result in a slow deterioration and ultimately a fracture into two parties. Every time the Democrat-Media complex runs down these paths it does nothing but make them look like petulant children, and Trump like a genius in full control and expertly manipulating the media.


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