Liberals have perfected the art of convincing people they won after losing 

As if it wasn’t annoying enough to listen to shrill Hillary cultists drone about 3 million people from Los Angeles somehow equalling a “real win” in an election that has never worked that way in the history of ever, it wasn’t the only case. Jeremy Corbin was narrowly defeated by Theresa May in the UK parliamentary elections and goes on to give a speech about how gracious he was for his victory, even though the coalition formed by May following the vote put his party in a minority, somehow, still a win. Now we see the pathetic attempt from Joe Scarborough to create a narrative that 3rd place in cable ratings behind Fox news and HGTV refutes Trump calling his show “low rated”.

I’m all for someone celebrating their work, but in the light of a Twitter feud with Trump you know this is posturing and the assumption that most people won’t call Joe out on his B.S.

In primetime overall you can see MSNBC is third place behind Fox and ESPN. This isn’t a big deal for Fox since they’ve dominated for decades now.

The total viewership overall shows MSNBC behind the network known for Property Brothers and a house hunters (an infuriating show if you ask me). The numbers that MSNBC is touting aren’t the typical A18-45 metric used to judge ratings either for their specific timeslot, rather they used the A18-59 demographic to “fluff” their numbers more and everyone went along so they could all chide Trump over it. It’s not uncommon for Liberals to play with  numbers to fulfill their desires rather than support or refute a theory (see gender pay gap, 2016 election polls). 

Once again we are stuck having to listen to propagandists bloviate about how great they are while America looks on in disgust by how validly detached from reality their whole movement is.


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