Independence Day

It comes up on occasion but isn’t something we’ve wanted the Wrongthink brand to be based upon, but today is the kind of day that is prudent to identify what makes Wrongthink Radio unique in the world of political and cultural analysis. Wrongthink Radio is run by veterans. Our hosts and contributors are all military veterans, and all have served overseas.

As veterans certain holidays take on a different meaning. There is nothing wrong with celebrating a day off work, having a barbeque, and relaxing with family and friends, nobody should tell you otherwise. Holidays for veterans like Memorial Day, and Independence Day are solemn reminders of how service has changed us, how it makes us different in society. The fireworks that are observed on July 4th are not just dazzling displays of light and sound, they are the sounds of war, a reminder of sacrifice, and the memory of the months that changed you forever.

I’m not speaking about the implications some have put on fireworks and veterans with PTSD, I have my own opinions on that, but I can tell you that when the first report is heard and you feel the ice water flow through your veins and grit your teeth, there is nothing better than seeing the smiling faces of children, the laugh of friends, and feeling a cold beer in your hand reminding you that you are home, and those months- even years were worth it. Our ability to congregate and celebrate the greatness of our country is one of the many shining examples of why America is such a wonderful nation.

Today we celebrate the uniqueness of a nation that believes that all people are endowed with rights, and that rights are not given by a Government. Today we celebrate those who fought to protect our homeland, and to liberate oppressed peoples throughout the world. Today we celebrate the beginning of the greatest social and political project the world has ever seen.

Be safe, and God bless America


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