The Left Makes Fun of an Old Man, Astronaut

The Left is great at hypocrisy. It’s really the only thing they win at anymore. I’m a little surprised I’m the only one that is bringing this up so far, but why are we allowing the Left to use Buzz Aldrin as schadenfreude? They keep showing partial clips of a video, edited to make Mr. Aldrin appear to be puzzled by remarks of Trump, in reality, he’s kind of doing this before and throughout the whole speech. I could make assumptions as to why given Commander Aldrin’s advanced age, but I feel it would be extremely disrespectful to the man.

Aldrin has wanted to put man back into space ever since the Obama administration announced a reduction in NASA’s mission sets. He has even openly said “Donald Trump will be very good for space exploration”  For the love of God please stop making fun of an aging American icon just because you hate the President so much. God help you if you embarrass this man you degenerates! There really is no limit to what you’re willing to do just to make yourselves feel better about the pathetic decisions you made this last election.



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