One of these things is not like the other.

Miosotis Familia was a New York police officer. She was parked in her cruiser when a man came up and shot her point blank I’m the head and killing her. This is not the first, nor will it be the last time a police officer is assassinated.

Why are they killing cops for no reason? Because they are told that all the cops are racist, they are told that the police are thugs, they are told they need to resist oppression and communities should defend themselves.

Black Lives Matter have spewed this vitriol to push their agenda of urban destabilization. Under the guise of direct action they build an insurgency within cities across America ready to rise up and fight the opposition in close combat. They dehumanize the enemy, they demonize their actions, and they convince their followers of the existential threat the opposition poses.

These groups will say that every cop is racist, that is ridiculous and profoundly impossible given that cops aren’t one race. Police are not, and have not been riding around shooting black people because the color of their skin. Police, on the other hand, have been getting shot just because of who they are.


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