Media Makes up Story About Whitehouse Targeting Critics of Voter Fraud Commission 


We’ve seen numerous articles over the past couple days discussing “Trump’s voter fraud commission turning transparency into intimidation” This is FAKE NEWS. The White House asked for citizens to comment on the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. These full emails were then released like all publicly collected comments often including an auto-populated email sign off such as

“sent from my iPhone”


John Doe

Big Willy’s Lawncare Inc.

(123) 867-5309
This same policy of releasing the full email content happens for every submission to the site and this has been the case for years.  This is nothing new, it is nothing suprising, and site policies are explicitly stated.  This is only a news story since it attacks the attempt by the administration to reign in voter fraud. 

 Links to articles and the site below
FAKE NEWS Articles
Washington Post
REAL INFORMATION Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity public documents.  Check out the “Comments Received” links to see the releases for yourselves


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