Baltimore’s ceasefire is proof of how tone deaf liberals are about crime

Erricka Bridgeford had the best intentions when she proposed a community wide ceasefire to address the amount of shootings that are happening in Baltimore. There had been 208 homicides this year in Baltimore so far, but that list has already grown. Within hours of beginning the 72 hour ceasefire someone has already been shot and killed.

This is a prime example of how liberals consistently fall short when addressing real problems. They think catchy mottos and hashtags will somehow save lives and create change. The reality is, Baltimore residents are being held captive by thugs because they can’t even exercise their basic human right to defend themselves.

Once again, liberal bastions like Baltimore suffer increasing gang violence and homicides while Democrat politicians preach to families that letting them own a firearm would somehow make it worse. Children must live in fear, businesses must suffer decline in patronage, and police forces must face already staggering numbers, especially in a city that almost ran every police officer out of town.

Once again, we see an example of why these progressive emotion first policies are nothing more than lip service to force people to continue to vote for a party that would just as soon see them shot in the street, rather than tell their constituency that they in fact DO have an inherent right to self defense. How bad does it have to be before Democrats abandon obviously ill-conceived talking points and actually start helping the communities they claim to stand up for? I’m not sure why it’s so difficult to realize that crime goes down when people can fight back.


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