The Inconvenient Truth About Al Gore

Former Vice-President, Presidential candidate, fear mongering film maker, and renowned hypocrite Al Gore has been showing up in the news lately to spark interest in his upcoming documentary “an inconvenient sequel: Truth to power” which will hopefully be more accurate than his previous one “an inconvenient truth” given the record ice cap growth, the weather isn’t any worse, and the only true warming we see is from the books being cooked by climate scientists. As is standard with Democrats Al Gore once again demands people do as he says, and not as he does (also, his Dad filibustered and voted against the civil rights act, just saying).

As revealed in a recent publication by the National Center for Public Policy Research, even after Al Gore promised he would “go-green” because critics of his film brought up his rampant energy usage. He still lives a runaway lifestyle while demanding that we all revert back to the stone age because of his doomsday prognostications. Let’s review some triggering facts about Al Gore’s Tennessee home.

  1. In one year Al Gore used 66,159kWh to heat his pool, which is the yearly consumption of six American households.
  2. Al Gore’s energy usage in the month of September (30,993 kWh) is enough to power 34 homes.
  3. One year of energy usage at the Gore residency is equal to 21 years of an average American household.
  4. Only 3% of Gore’s household energy comes from renewable sources.
  5. This energy usage comes AFTER Al Gore spent $250,000 on “green renovations” to his home.
  6. In one year Al Gore spent $22,000 on energy bills.

These are certainly some inconvenient numbers for everybody’s lovable climate warrior but Gore will continue to lecture everyone else about the dangers of climate change while building up his brand and businesses which convince others to donate money to pay for the “climate sins” and have accumulated him a net work of $300 million. We can’t wait to hear his sermon from the hypocritical mount that so many Democrats seem to stand on these days. Maybe he will have more cute shots of polar bears (who are experiencing a population boom by the way).



  1. But. …but…..but. ….what about rain bombs. ….viral epidemics and most importantly exploding glaciers…….???…

  2. But. …but…..but. ….what about rain bombs. ….viral epidemics and most importantly …exploding glaciers…….???…

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