The Media’s Double Standard on Leaks

Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a press conference yesterday to discuss the “unauthorized disclosure of national security information” and made very few references to the media except for in the beginning of his conference and at the end, all of which were topical given the release from The Washington Post on transcripts of calls made between President Trump and the Mexican President and Australian Prime Minister. These disclosures were not very newsworthy, and the only real use anyone in the media was to compare what he said on the call as compared to what he said at campaign rallies.

The Washington Post went out of it’s way to reveal that they have a source within the White House communications office just to take a shot at Trump which, as a former intelligence specialist, I must say is a really, really stupid move. I can’t explain why The Washington Post felt necessary to expose their ability to get this information just so they could take cheap shots at Trump, I can only assume it’s because their press office is room full of tear soaked “I’m with her” signs.

After Sessions stated that he is absolutely going to pursue these unauthorized disclosures the media all but set themselves on fire. If you look at twitter or listen to their monologues on cable news you’d think they are the the last defense of American freedom. The concept of the patriotism of the American journalist is a joke in my humble opinion.

Journalists do provide a great service when they are exposing corruption, crimes, and standing up as a voice of the people. Any rational person can look at the last election map and listen to broadcasts from the mainstream media and know that they no longer represent the American people. The media is no longer even a propagandist arm of the Democratic party, I believe the media has become the actual party, and the Democrats must keep in line with THEIR narrative.

Many well respected and time honored press agencies have sullied the image of the citizen reporter by engaging in what can only be described as open warfare against a Presidency they didn’t expect, and one that they view as an existential threat. The lengths that these reporters and their editors go to just to undermine the President and his agenda unfortunately fit the definitions of treason. I have always been an advocate of free speech, but not when you would go out of your way to undermine the security of our great republic just because “it was her turn”.

“The unauthorized disclosure of classified information can compromise the security of this country and all Americans, and it will not be tolerated,”

-Eric Holder, Attorney General for President Barack Obama

The part that amazes me the most was how upset and angry the press is over the statements made by Jeff Sessions, but how little national coverage was given to the fact that it was the Obama administration that set the precedent of prosecuting journalists under the Espionage Act of 1917. Prior to Obama only one journalist was ever prosecuted under the Espionage act, but during his 8 years, there were 8 journalists who faced prosecution. Several press freedom organizations have in fact rated the Obama administration as one of the most ruthless in history when it came to blocking the press and even one of the least transparent administrations.  Eric Holder, Attorney General for Barack Obama was even quoted with a similar stance as Sessions “The unauthorized disclosure of classified information can compromise the security of this country and all Americans, and it will not be tolerated,”.

The mainstream press is no longer reporting, they are directing. They are an angry group of elites who despise the American republic and would rather let it burn than to consider what is best for the filth that is the American worker. The press is easily becoming what Trump has said they are, the enemy of the American people.



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