The violent result of the Left’s racism

For several decades now the Left-wing politics in America have been obsessive about placing people into groups according to their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and sexuality. This has been a divide and conquer strategy that they’ve based off the concepts of conflict theory and cultural marxism, also known as critical theory. The amount of priority the left-wing has placed on someone’s race can only be defined as blatant racism.

During the surge of Black lives matter rallies and the focus on police actions surrounding the black community in America we began to see the societal acceptance of racial realism. College students began being taught about white guilt and professors began giving lectures about “inherent bias”. The Left became obsessed with telling people that their skin color either made them the oppressed or the oppressor, reducing individuals into nothing more than the color of their skin, just as they did during the slave trade in the early founding of our country.

The natural reaction to this was what we have addressed several times on our program, you are going to create disparate groups that are going to feel it necessary to defend their ethnicity and their culture. In Charlottesville, Virginia a group gathered called Unite the Right, these people were the inevitable result of racist rhetoric from the Left. People felt attacked and silenced because of the color of their skin, what else did you expect to happen? The unfortunate part about these protests is they are equivalent to the Antifa or BLM protests we have seen before, they do nothing but discuss whether or not a particular race has a value, or whether it’s superior.

America is better than reducing everything to someones demographic. We have advanced past this, but unfortunately there was a considerable amount of value creating racial tensions in the United States to further a progressive message and divide the country so it could be easier to sell politicians who had little qualifications aside from being darker than other politicians. Be better America, we are better than this.



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