The Weakness of Conservatives

Sometimes I wonder if the American people have the memory of goldfish. They allow themselves to believe in narratives within a vacuum. The lack of critical thinking alone and viewing situations as if they are independent of any surroundings is tantamount to how propaganda works.
The events in Charlottesville were only shocking to people who weren’t paying attention. There have been countless skirmishes between groups in the streets of America, and worldwide, most recently Antifa set fires and rioted outside the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, which may be one of the reasons why Donald Trump condemned them in his press conference. This idea that there is some massive contingent of Nazis hiding around every corner is complete sophistry and the ultimate propaganda tool the Left has been given due completely to the spineless nature of “conservatives”.
Like any other attack that occurs in America it takes a simple condemnation of violence, which any rational human being would understand. Donald Trump came out in the afternoon Saturday shortly after a car crashed into protesters and before even knowing the identity of the driver the media was demanding that everybody direct their ire to the Right, as if they were the only one’s out there. Yes, it was a neo-nazi driving that car, but aside from that fact, there was plenty of violence to be shared to include reporters getting punched in the face and someone getting battery acid thrown in their eyes.
The collective consciousness of America seemed to forget that in June a congressman was shot on June 14th approximately two months before the events in Charlottesville. Scalise was one of what can be assumed to be several targets since the attacker had a list in his pocket and plenty of ammunition. Should we forgive the Leftist rhetoric about Republicans, should we forgive the “terminate the Republicans” facebook page because they didn’t speak about race, rather demanded the death of people because of their political opinion.
Some of the conservatives have done precisely the thing that made Donald Trump become President, they capitulated to the media and allowed them to write the narrative rather than stand against it. Most of the people at that protest weren’t any type of extremist on either side, but some existed on both sides. There is certainly a reason to denounce groups that believe in racial supremacy or anything that suggests one group is better than another because of their race or ethnicity. The Conservatives allowed the media to bully them, and they bought in to the conflation that somehow white supremacists/Nazis equal alt-right and alt-right equal Donald Trump, this is perfect for the media and the Left because they need the right-wing to be as disjointed as their movement is.
At the end of the day, this could have all been avoided if there were more of a priority on honoring the first amendment rather than trying to silence your opponents. The political climate is going to be interesting after this, and I don’t have much faith that Antifa can go without assaulting and potentially killing someone soon, especially with the bile being spewed right now.


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