Afghanistan – From those who’ve served

Everyone has an opinion about Afghanistan, but not everyone has been there. We have seen the Korngal, wandered the Argandab, and stood in the shadow of the Hindu Kush. Afghanistan in many ways is like walking through a time machine and suddenly being in the days of Christ.

Regardless of how you feel about George W. Bush Or Barack Obama we made a promise to the Afghan people. The United States shouldn’t blindly make promises to liberate people only to leave when it’s not politically popular, and to President Trump we say thank you for keeping America’s promise to those people even though we know you didn’t want to, you’re a better man than the last for that.

We have bled onto the sand of that country, we have lost friends in that country, we wake up in the middle of the night in that country. A different part of our body hurts each morning because of Afghanistan, and you would never understand what it is to forget what rain is. Bottom line, we keep our promises, regardless of your opinions.

To James Mattis, bring hell and havoc, learn from your previous mistakes and miscalculations, bring them home quickly and victorious. Tonight is the night we pray to God that this war will finally end, we pray the troops are supported, we pray to the memories of those we lost.

God bless America, God bless the Armed Forces of the United States, God bless the corps of Non-Commissioned officers.


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