CNN gets their conspiracies from South Park

Today CNN revealed the dastardly plot by Russian spies to use Pokemon Go to influence the 2016 presidential election. This may be confusing for anyone who has played since nobody can figure out how they could have possibly used the game to influence anything aside from people walking out into traffic chasing ANOTHER pidgey. It’s depressing to see news sink so low as to create conspiracies out of thin air, and as Wrongthink contributor John pointed out “Seriously though, if Russia was able to actually ‘impact’ the results of the election by spending a few hundred thousand dollars on Facebook and apparently Pokemon Go, the whole thing should become a Harvard Business School case study in marketing.  Especially since it appears Hillary outspent the Russians by millions and didn’t have the same impact.”

The best part of this all is that CNN seems to have constructed their story after watching an old South Park episode. In the tenth episode of season 3 Chinpokomon The children of South Park become obsessed with an animated Japanese cartoon,Chinpokomon. The cartoon features overt embedded marketing to encourage consumption of Chinpokomon-related merchandise. Unbeknownst to the parents, Chinpokomon products all contain anti-American sentiments with the aim of converting American kids to Japanese child soldiers.

So there you have it folks. CNN is getting their headlines from old South Park episodes. We will have more on this live Sunday. Subscribe to: 


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