If Liberals think they won something today it’s because they don’t know how to read

Let the Democrats do their happy dance in thinking that they proved there really is a boogeyman under the bed and he’s the reason why Hillary didn’t win the election, they’re going to need the comfort. Paul Manifort is facing charges related to his work in the Ukraine, mostly lobbying for Victor Yanukovich, the Ukrainian President and attempting to get Ukraine into the European Union. Manifrot worked with two companies as outlined in the indictment, Mercury group, LLC and Podesta group. Tony Podesta, business partner and brother to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta stepped down from his firm today, you know, because there’s a grand jury indictment over activities involving his company.

Like I said, let them dance and sing, let them get it out. It’s going to be more fun when we ask the hard questions about Uranium one and the Podesta’s support of a pro-Russian candidate in the Ukraine.

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