How Democrats Sold out The American People for Illegal Immigrants

No matter how much the Democrats want to lie to the American people that they weren’t the reason for the government shutdown but here are the facts about the shutdown.

  1. To pass the continuing resolution, the mechanism used to fund the government for another month and avoid a shutdown and allow lawmakers to pass an actual budget the Senate would need 60 votes. There are 51 Republicans in the Senate so yes, they have a majority, but not enough to pass the continuing resolution and keep the government open without some Democrat support.
  2. Democrats refused to vote on the continuing resolution or a budget for the government without including amnesty for DACA recipients. DACA does not expire until March, so this is obviously to avoid having an honest and open debate on the floor of the Senate about DACA. Democrats obviously wanted to use the government shutdown as a threat so they could avoid having to make any bipartisan deal regarding DACA.
  3. Democrats are attempting (badly) to somehow create the narrative that this is Republicans fault, even though the Republicans voted YES which equaled keeping the government open as oppose to Democrats who voted NO which is why the government shut down.

The American people need to ask the very serious question: why did the Democrats prioritize illegal immigrants over the American people? Democrats could have written proper legislation and had an appropriate debate on the merits of the issue. The President said that he would support amnesty for DACA recipients if the Democrats agreed to funding for the wall, an end to chain migration, and ending the visa lottery, but the Democrats refused to make any concessions. Democrats have griped that the President wont do anything bipartisan, yet when he offers amnesty for DACA they demand everything they want and no compromise, which isn’t a shock.

Democrats have really set the stage to fade into obscurity. How does a political party shut the government down over illegal immigrants? At least when Republicans shut down the government it was in defiance of one of the most unpopular laws ever created: Obamacare.


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