Sheriff Scott Israel Needs to Resign

The Broward county Sheriff who has vociferously demanded reforms on firearm legislation after the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida which resulted in 17 dead has just revealed the answer to a question many of us have been asking since that fateful shooting on February 14th, why wasn’t there an officer at the school? Most high schools since the Columbine shooting in 1999 have a deputy at the school to protect the students and faculty inside, as well as immediately respond if an incident were to occur on school property. We received that answer today from the Broward County Sheriff, they DID have a resource officer at the school, he was armed, and he was on duty, the only problem is that he remained outside the entire time the shooting occurred.

The deputy has since resigned, but that isn’t good enough. Take a moment and ask yourself if you truly believe that the Sheriff didn’t inquire about the actions of his deputy upon arriving at the scene of this tragedy. It is standard protocol for officers to submit a report after an incident, especially one such as this. Of course Sheriff Israel knew that his deputy did not engage the shooter, and of course he knew that his deputy did not enter the building while a gunman opened fire on the students and faculty inside, but he didn’t report it. Sheriff Israel stood on national television almost every day since the shooting spouting leftist talking points about regulating “assault rifles” all while knowing that his deputy whose sole duty it was to protect those children neglected his post. Sheriff Israel became a darling to the Left almost over night for his strong stance for gun control, and you can’t convince me that nobody in the media neglected to ask about an officer at the school.

The Left has been beating the gun control narrative ever since this attack, and Sheriff Israel has been soaking up the limelight. This Sheriff knew the truth, and it’s reasonable to suggest that the media knew as well, but they also knew that when America found out that an officer of the law neglected to protect those children nobody would want to talk about gun control. There is no doubt in my mind that these facts were hidden from the public for the express purpose of ensuring that the collective public consciousness would become committed to the gun control narrative before learning about this egregious dereliction of duty. 17 people are dead because one man was too much of a coward to take action when the people he swore to protect needed him most, and the nation is debating removing the inherent rights of it’s citizens because a Sheriff withheld the truth so he could push his political agenda.

Sheriff Israel needs to be removed from his post, and the American people need to demand answers about what he knew and when he knew it, and it’s time for us to scrutinize the legacy media out of existence for harboring these basic facts to push their propaganda.


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  1. Aaron Bierlein-
    Wow! I finally found someone saying what I’ve been saying since the day of the shooting. You are spot on; BSO was/is leading the cover-up. Sheriff Israel definitely knew everything on the 14th, because we know BSO watched school cameras to surveil Cruz. By the 15th, Sheriff Israel issued the shooting timeline, formulated by the security footage and witnesses. NYP article, ,says Peterson called in and gave description of Cruz. This further proves that the BSO knew he was there and what he was doing (even if Israel tried to say, “I didn’t know if Peterson was working that day). Don’t u think they asked his 20 when Peterson radioed-in? Plus, the “boss”, Sheriff Israel (a real leader would have, anyway) would have been hunting Peterson down demanding to know where Peterson was during the shooting (if Peterson didn’t give his 20 over the radio or Israel hadn’t seen the video, yet ). One other point: Peterson was on the west side of the building (same side Cruz exited). How did Cruz (with no gun at this time) get past Peterson. Remember, Peterson radioed-in the description of Cruz. I’m not concerned with where the other 3 officers were at this time. I also believe that the “26 min. delayed camera” story was an attempted distraction (failed). It was released before the Peterson facts were released. That’s another story. I do have information on that as well. In case you’re curious, I am just a man and not a reporter. Thanks for listening. Oh, here’s an article I found the day it came out (16th), stating that Supt. Runcie was informed by BSO that the SRO was on campus…….but on another part of the campus. LOL !!

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