Why are Liberals Sexually Obsessed with Trump?

Since the November election we have all noticed the derangement of the Left when it comes to Donald Trump and anyone they wish the classify as a “surrogate” of his administration. We have become accustomed in social media debates, or reading through headlines seeing them refer to the President in the stale terms the Left has used for every Republican: Nazi, Hitler, Authoritarian, bringer of Armageddon, these are old and worn out because they say them about everyone. The alarming pattern that formed since the election of Trump is what appears to be a sexual obsession with our 45th President, and the media does not hold back on publishing this obsession for public consumption as if it were normal. Psychologically this sexual obsession actually makes sense. In our brains the Putmen and Insula show activity when feeling romantic love and when it feels hate, especially while planning an aggressive act.


Perhaps the Left holds such an aggressive hate and anger that their brains can no longer discern between appropriate reactions to their hate, or since they know that their feelings are wholly irrational they have no other choice but to sexualize their emotions as a form of catharsis that they can disguise as blue comedy. Regardless of the rationale as to why, what is obvious is that the Left does have this obsession, here are but a few examples:

1. Jim Carrey consumed his time and talent with Trump naked

Jim Carrey has taken up some time “painting”, and these pieces of art show a deep rooted obsession with Trump’s naked body and in sexual positions. Nobody is shocked that Jim Carrey has a few screws loose but we never would have guessed that he would spend hours ruminating over Donald Trump’s naked body. Perhaps his choice of style was less about expression and more about him having to do these paintings one handed.

2. The “Trump wants to bang Ivanka” conspiracy

For one reason or another based on Trump calling his daughter beautiful the Left ran with this entire diatribe about Trump wanting some type of sexual relationship with his daughter Ivanka. It’s not unreasonable that the Left has sexual thoughts about Ivanka, that’s a good majority of America, and there probably is an egregious amount of jealousy that Trump is surrounded by breathtaking women, but their totally unsubstantiated, and somehow just flatly accepted, conspiracy that Trump has some sort of sexual feelings to Ivanka are just strange. Here is a Buzzfeed article that ran with a claim that was edited out of a Washington Post piece, probably because it was unverified and flatly insane.

3. Jimmy Kimmel’s diatribe about Sean Hannity’s erection

Jimmy Kimmel has proved to be the go to for Leftist propaganda, to include having a meeting with Chuck Schumer before “crying” on live television about Obamacare, and of course once again when the Democrats needed an emotional appeal to take away everyone’s guns. Recently, Sean Hannity called Kimmel an ass-clown for ridiculing Melania Trump for her accent (something that would get any conservative fired), and Kimmel’s response was to talk about Hannity’s penis in his opening monologue. It’s hard to try and figure out why Hannity’s erect penis was the go to for Kimmel but it speaks volumes about how this pattern keeps repeating and is worth further research. Below is the opening monologue from Kimmel:

4. People are paying a lot of money to have a statue of Trump naked, and not because they like him.

A self described “anarchist collective” (yes, the oxymoron is apparent) named INDECLINE is auctioning a naked Trump statue they call “the emperor has no balls” and it is expected to go for at least $20,000! That means someone would pay that much money for a large nude Trump statue, and that is a liberal wanting to pay for it, they WANT a nude Trump statue and are willing to pay $20K to have it. Maybe there is something about being blatant, brash, and actually following through with campaign promises that is so foreign to the Left they don’t know how to react.


Those are merely a few examples of the Left’s odd sexual obsession with conservatives and Trump. These were the notable ones that were tame enough to share here. This doesn’t account for the memes we have dealt with across social media depicting varying homosexual acts between different Conservatives and/or Trump. We may never know why the Left seems to deal with their defeat by becoming sexually obsessed, but we need to call it out for what it is.


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