Well, Britain is killing more kids.

It’s not surprising that in a society that debates whether a child is alive prior to being born we would inevitably be forced into the government decided what is and is not “alive”. In the ever increasing march of the West into socialism, and people willfully giving up their rights for some good ‘ol government security we would come to a point where the government would make decisions that shock all of us. It was shocking the first time when the high court in the U.K. decided, against the wishes of Charlie Gard’s parents, to terminate the child even though they had the money and ability to take him to another hospital, but now a second child, Alfie Evans, a 23-month old is being sentenced to death by the high court.

Alfie has a degenerative brain disease and the hospital that is treating him has place him in a “semi-vegitative” state. According to High Court judge Justice Hayden, it is inhumane to keep Alfie alive any longer. What is most interesting is Justice Hayden admonished Alfie’s Father, Tom Evans for posting a video of Alfie that Tom claims shows an improved state, Justice Hayden said “[Alfie] has no say over those videos being taken and put on the Internet, those videos strike me as at times intrusive of his privacy you read that correctly, this judge is concerned for the privacy rights of a child he just ordered to die.

If it was enraging enough to see the ultimate result of socialized healthcare, since we know that part of the reason for this decision is based on the fact that the U.K.’s socialized healthcare results in a finite amount of supply, they then must decide who is most deserving of said supply and since Alfie has been ruled a human cucumber he need not become an expense to the government, (my, this is the ever caring socialist health system we hear so much about!), it gets worse. Hospital police are blocking Alfie’s parents from removing him from the hospital, you see, the kids going to die but damnit! He’s going to die in our hospital!

Alfie has the chance and ability of treatment at a Vatican hospital, but since the state said that Alfie must die, he’s going to die. His parents must beg a court to reconsider, yes, the parents must ASK PERMISSION FROM THE GOVERNMENT TO ALLOW THEIR CHILD TO LIVE! This is actually happening, and its happening under a system that the Left in America claims is the humane answer.


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