There Are Only Two Conclusions From The Mueller Investigation

The anniversary of the Mueller Russian collusion probe is on the doorstep and it is time for us to look at what we’ve learned from this expensive probe. The original intent of the Mueller investigation was to look into collusion between the Russian government and the Trump campaign to swing the election in Donald Trump’s favor. So far Mueller has not delivered a single indictment that makes a direct, secondary, or tertiary connection to anything that suggest the Trump campaign had any contact, deal, contract, or even encouragement from the Russian government in regards to his election to President.

With the text messages between FBI employees, Comey’s book tour clashing with official testimony, leaks, and the media having to stick it’s foot in it’s mouth, more often than not, for thinking they have it all figured out until they realize they were dead wrong, we are left with far more questions than answers. One thing we do know is that according to the Democrats, it is more important to find out who revealed the corruption of their party than to address to the public that their party was so corrupt that their candidate lost what was supposed to be a pre-ordained election. A great majority of Americans are realizing that this entire investigation is a sham developed by the Democrats out of bitterness and shame that they lost the Presidential election because they ran a complete garbage candidate.

With all of those points made and this investigation and that of several congressional investigations coming up with absolutely nothing we are left with only two possible conclusions from the Mueller probe, no matter how many Democrats try to copy good “lock her up” memes (God, the Left can’t meme).

1.The Democrats concocted this entire scheme as a way to cripple the Trump administration and creating so much disdain in the public sphere that they believe the American people will vote Democrat just to avoid having their government obstructed by a petulant party who thinks they know better than the American people.


2. The FBI, Robert Mueller, and the Senate/House Intelligence Committee are the most incompetent group of human beings in the world. Since CNN, MSNBC, and Democrats on social media all seem to see how apparent this collusion seems to be it must mean that we have the most inept intelligence and law enforcement agencies in the world, because, as we all know, Trump is too stupid to pull off a clandestine caper, right?


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