Snowflakes Triggered Over American Founding Themed Prom

“Party like it’s 1776” has caused mass triggering in New Jersey and resulted in Dennis Perry of Cherry Hill Public Schools to send a letter apologizing because “it was insensitive and irresponsible not to appreciate that not all communities can celebrate what life was like in 1776”. This is 2018 ladies and gentlemen, where the Left will twist anything they can to create a victim narrative so they can feel like they’ve accomplished something. I suppose Cherry Hill will have to ban any themed event because you aren’t going to find a society or culture that never had some conflict or is looked at as an oppressor.

Let’s be honest though, this has nothing to do with slavery, which is the subtext of this statement. Someone whined to the school about slavery in 1776 and some weak kneed academic didn’t tell them to quit trying to make everything about race and instead ran franticly to the top so they didn’t have to face the bullying of social justice warriors calling them racist. The encouragement behind this is really a hatred for the United States and what it stands for, individuality, liberty, and free markets.

The Left uses tribal politics as a weapon to push their real agenda. The Left wants America to cease being what it is, a free market, individual society, and instead they want a collective society that ultimately will implement communism. The actual tenants of the founding in this country fly in the face of communism because our founders recognized the value of a person as an individual and gave them the opportunity to succeed based solely on their merits alone.

Aside from all of those tirades let’s call these Marxists on their B.S., They don’t care that America had slaves, they used that as an excuse, they care that America exists, and Cherry Hill Public Schools decided that they were indeed correct in being upset over the existence of The United States of America.

I’d bet money that since we are heading into finals we will see colleges and high schools finding more reasons to scream racism as a way of getting out of taking their final tests and not having to face their irresponsibility from the year.


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