Senate Committee Letter Shows FBI Leadership Coordinated with CNN in E-mails About Release of Dossier

In a recently published letter by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, there are questions pertaining to the coordination between FBI leadership and CNN with regards to the Steele dossier. E-mails from Andrew McCabe and the memos from Comey show a high level of coordination between top FBI leadership and CNN in an attempt to give CNN the “news hook” they needed to run the story. It should be noted that James Clapper is the one who suggested Comey brief Trump on the dossier when he did, and Clapper is now a CNN contributor.

This is of course the same CNN who gave debate questions to Hillary Clinton prior to a debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders during the primaries. Now that we see this type of collusion between the media and the FBI it certainly leaves us wondering when the media decided they were an arm of the government, but we know they’ve felt that way for a long time now. This is certainly a thread we will follow closely, and we highly doubt this is the only time #fakenewscnn will be caught meddling with our government.

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The Senate document can be viewed here


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