Robert Mueller’s Fascinating Incompetence

Robert Mueller requested an indefinite extension to the trial that was set for his indictment of 13 Russian nationals, and three Russian companies. Mueller wrote to a federal judge Tuesday to reject the “speedy trial law” which states that a trial must begin within 70 days from the date of the indictment. Concord Management and Consulting, one of the Russian companies indicted, hired American attorneys and challenged the indictment, one that many expect Mueller levied with no actual plan to face it in court, and now Mueller is saying he needs more time before bringing the case before the court.

“This case also warrants a continuance and exclusion of time to accommodate the voluminous discovery at issue and to allow sufficient time for the Court to resolve certain outstanding procedural issues unique to discovery in this case,” Mueller wrote to the court. The concept that a prosecutor would indict before being ready to go to court is peculiar, given that an indictment is a prosecutor’s method of telling a court that they are ready to try the accused for the stated crime in the indictment. Much of Mueller’s investigation has seemed to be a shamble to those who keep a close eye, and this is no surprise to those of us who have questioned the validity of the investigation itself.

Mueller either issued this indictment as a publicity stunt, or he’s one of the most incompetent prosecutors in history.

Robert Mueller seems to be operating as if he has carte blanche authority and seems to be leading from the philosophy of Lavrentiy Beria, the head of Joseph Stalin’s secret police who once said, “Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime”. The indictments thus far in Robert Mueller’s investigation have nothing to do with the 2016 election, any type of collusion, or for that matter, Russia. Robert Mueller seems to be the witting idiot of the Democrat parties continued temper tantrum over their 2016 election loss, and seemingly, the continuation of Barack Obama’s disregard for the constitution in the pursuit of silencing his political opponents (see: IRS targeting the Tea Party, AP being wire tapped, James Rosen being accused of espionage).

More and more the American people are growing weary of this investigation as it bears no fruit, and Mueller must continue expanding his authority, which should make anyone who has any respect for the rule of law. This is equivalent to a police officer pulling you over because of how you look, then searching your house, parent’s house, and the house of that girl you dated in middle school and charging them with their city ordinances while his supporters scream “he obviously committed murder, send him to jail”.

It’s not surprising that the American public is weary of this investigation, they just watched Hillary Clinton get investigated by the FBI where her entire staff got immunity or plead the 5th, and had an exoneration letter written prior to even being interviewed by the same law enforcement agency that seems to have placed an informant inside the Trump campaign, instituted a surveillance mission, and predicated this whole process on information gathered from Russian intelligence, yes, the same Russia who they say was trying to upend our political system, you know, upend it like having the sitting President under constant investigation for something nebulous and oddly convenient to drag on through the next election cycle, that kind of upend.

The American people are seeing the Mueller investigation for the pathetic attempt at silencing the voices of the American people who stood up against a corrupt political party that it is. They refuted the Democrats in November because they saw how corrupt they were, and they are doing nothing but proving the voters correct each and every day with this grotesque junta they call a special counsel. It will be fascinating to see the massive shit storm that will come when they find no collusion and people start questioning what evidence was used to conduct surveillance on a Presidential campaign.


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