Why Hollywood is Defending Pedophilia, and Why Some Conservatives are too.

For those of you who don’t spend a lot of time on Twitter, I will cover why you may be seeing discussions about Hollywood defending pedophilia. Unfortunately the media coverage has been dismal on the subject, dismal isn’t a great word for it, they’re flat our covering up what’s happening, but we will get you spun up. This all revolves around the firing of James Gunn, the former direct of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

James Gunn was fired by Disney based on some tweets that were brought to light by the efforts of Jack Prosbiec and Mike Cernovich both on Twitter and their respective sites (listed below). The summation of those tweets are several jokes that Gunn makes referring to child rape, molestation, or just sexualized statements about children in general.  Does that mean that Gunn is a pedophile, no, but it doesn’t exactly cast a good light when you’re repeatedly making hyper sexual statements about children.


In a staggering hypocritical swing the Hollywood Left has come with a full throated defense of Gunn, in what will go down in history as the Right’s greatest troll in recent time. The collective Left in Hollywood decided that the best defense of Gunn is to make their own pedophillic jokes as well.

The reason why it’s so hypocritical is that almost every one of these people, to include Gunn himself demanded Rosanne Barr be fired from ABC after her tweet about Valerie Jarrett looking like planet of the apes and Hamas had a baby. As was stated on my program before, ABC has the right to fire Roseanne, just as Disney has the right to fire Gunn, just as the NFL has the right to make their players stand for the anthem. That’s the simplicity of a business having the right to maintain a certain image, as much as you have a right to not work for that business.

What is alarming to me is that some Conservatives like David French and Glenn Beck have rushed in to defend Gunn in some sort of “take the higher ground” garbage they made up in their own head.

Suddenly the country club Republicans we’ve come to know and love as being completely tone deaf on the real world are going to defend James Gunn even though, as many of you remember, these same personalities levied absolute condemnation of Milo Yiannopoulos after remarks surfaced where he said the age of consent was “not this black and white thing” and that relationships “between younger boys and older men … can be hugely positive experiences”, which he defended regarding his first homosexual relationship with an older man aided him in discovering himself. Granted, we know their hatred was more to the point that people like Beck, French and their lot just didn’t some some god damn faggot headlining at CPAC. Here was their defense of Milo, or rather, lack thereof:

So for those of you keeping score, a liberal Hollywood elitist deserves a second chance and shouldn’t be judged by old statements, but Milo must be burned at the stake for his crimes and thrown into the dustbin of history. In case the Milo aspect of this doesn’t show you the blatant hypocrisy of these men (and they are only a couple of many) here are their responses to Roseanne’s tweet and firing:

It appears that being a Trump supporter makes you so toxic to these people that they would rather throw their hat in the ring with a raging leftist who jokes about child rape then show the same compassion toward anyone who supported President Trump. It is truly an interesting timeline.

You can get more information on Mike Cernovich and Jack Prosbiec at: www.cernovich.com and https://t.co/Z00IoIMQGf


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