Alex Jones Was Just the First to Go

Nobody was really surprised that Alex Jones’ InfoWars was banned from all major social media outlets. He was the easy first target if we are being quite honest. The social media giants have shown that they have no tolerance for conservative, or even right-of-center opinions, pretty much if you aren’t espousing the virtues of Marx, you’re going to get banned sooner rather than later.

Alex Jones was a test, the tech masters at Google, Facebook, and Twitter were merely seeing what banning him result in as far as their platforms go. Would the world even hear about it, or just the right wing blogosphere that they’re already marking on their list as who is next? More than likely these tech giants wills see no real effect to their platforms, and that’s when the real purge begins.

Candice Owens just got banned for sharing exactly what Sarah Jeung tweeted except she replaced “White men” with “Blacks” and “Jews”. It was a good exercise in showing the hypocrisy of the Left, but ultimately, they’ve already started their campaign of protecting the internet from “hate speech”, or rather, protecting anyone from an opinion that may discredit their pre-ordained worldview of socialism (read: communism).

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