We Want You to Become a Wrongthinker

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are reaching the point that we all knew was inevitable at some point. Social media is cracking down on anyone who isn't part of the liberal groupthink. It is time for us to fortify and defend ourselves against the armies of progressives who mean to silence us. We here at Wrongthink Radio have decided to create a members site for people to access special content. This member site will allow you to get the daily video updates you have come to love, and will have deeper integration with social media, commenting, and ability to share your thoughts directly with Wrongthink staff.

Don't worry, that is not all we are doing. The final intent here is that we are going to completely self-host our show. That means that the entire Wronghtinkradio.com platform will be free from any third party that can shut us down. The only thing that is keeping us from going totally independent at this point? Money.

"But how can I as a Subscriber help Wrongthink Radio break the change of the masters of the universe at Facebook, Twitter, and Google? I couldn't possibly help fight those dark powers!"

You can, and it will only cost you $3 a month!

Become a Wrongthinker today for $3 a month to get full access to our paid content, which will be growing every day and you will help us build a completely independent platform for Wrongthinkers to keep the truth alive!

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