Wrongthink Update – 15 August 2018

President Trump revoked former CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance causing the
media to have a caniption because they just lost their greatest source for classified leaks

Socialism still can’t explain how it should be paid for and an interview with Bernie Sanders
shows the media is complicit in never having the question answered

The state of Colorado is harassing the baker who won a Supreme Court decision after refusing
to bake a cake for a gay wedding and has filed ANOTHER lawsuit against the cake shop
National Review’s editor Jonah Goldberg has joined other NeverTrumpers in the
Make conservatives seem like moral busybody crumudgeons again movement by writing an article
where he judges Donald Trump as a husband and father, just a sneak peek, he hates it, because

A Pennsylvania grand jury has released a report showing over 300 priests with histories of
child abuse and sexual misconduct that were swept under the rug, which might be the final
for me as a Catholic.


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