None of These Charges Would Have Happened if Hillary Clinton Won

The title of this article alone should be enough to give anyone who values actual justice pause.

Yesterday Paul Manafrot, a man who worked for the Trump campaign for three months was charged with 8 of the 18 counts he was facing in his first trial brought on by special counsel Robert Mueller, and Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney plead guilty to charges of tax fraud and campaign finance violations. Both men were investigated for one purpose, because Hillary Clinton lost the election, there is no doubt what-so-ever about that. The appointment of the special counsel and subsequent early morning raids which have been questioned by many legal minds for their peculiarity and lack of connection to the special counsel’s mission of “Russian collusion”.

To break it down simply, Robert Mueller isn’t finding any collusion, but he’ll be god damned if the elitists who appointed him don’t have heads served on a platter, that is for sure. These men, regardless of your personal taste for their character are facing decades in prison because Hillary Clinton lost the election, and many of the ruling class hated the idea of Donald Trump that they allowed a no holds barred prosecution of anyone involved with Trump to ensure that the message was sent loud and clear “if you’re not one of us, we will destroy you if you even try to come onto our turf”. The infuriating part is that some Conservatives, those who are supposed to place the constitution above all, are supporting this type of extra-judicial suppression based solely on the fact that they don’t like Donald Trump. The precedent that has been set with this special counsel, and the subsequent defense from members of both the Left and the Right is truly horrifying if you are anyone who harbors any concern for an over reaching authoritarian government.

Both of these men are being charged with something that I challenge anyone in Washington D.C. to come clean from. Seriously, we are watching a congressional investigation come back with the legal equivalent of “you didn’t put the right number in block F”, that is exactly what these crimes are. It should also be noted, that the majority of Paul Manafort’s charges are from 2006, yet nobody is asking just how the hell nobody caught that until Mueller came on the scene looking for Ruskies? Isn’t that a basic question. Nobody should be surprised that Michael Cohen said exactly what they wanted him to say since his other option was face the rest of his lifetime in jail if he didn’t, but I’m sure the anti-Trump media will dismiss this as Cohen just deciding to be honest because he finally grew a conscience as oppose to any suggestion of prosecutorial bullying, it should be noted his attorney Lanny Davis was also an attorney for Bill Clinton, I’m sure he’s been giving Cohen great advice that certainly didn’t result in great headlines for the Democrats, but that’s just me I guess. I would make the suggestion that this certainly will make for an interesting term for the next Democrat President, but we all know the GOP will be too spineless to use the same tactics and apparently only get fire a brimstone when the Left wing media tells them to.

You’ll forgive me if I sound bitter, but I spent hours last night seeing “Conservative” thinkers like Ben Shapiro, David French, and Bill Kirstol give the equivalent of “if you’re not doing anything wrong than why worry” defense at the idea of the FBI raiding someone’s house based on flimsy evidence, and ultimately, based on discredited and poorly sourced research that was paid for by the Democrats and retrieved by a foreign spy from Russian intelligence, that is literally what Trump’s detractors based an entire investigation upon, Russian intelligence, yes the same Russians who we are told spread disinformation to negatively effect our government, let that sink in.

The idea that anyone is comfortable with the premise of this article, and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong that any of these crimes would be prosecuted if Hillary Clinton would have won the Presidency, is the most concerning part. Our government has authorized the use of the Justice Department as a club to beat down anyone who messes with the establishment, and supposed advocates of the Constitution are crowing as if they won something.


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