The Left Will Use Cesar Sayoc to Continue Violence Against Trump Supporters

This week has seen plenty of hashtags created by the Left as a means to paint Trump supporters and Conservatives as some sort of terrorist force, whether it be #magabomber or the now trending #magashooter, this blatant attempt at politicizing tragedy just to get a “win” in the mid-terms is as disgusting as it is expected from an increasingly deranged, and irrelevant Democrat party. Average Americans and those who are more abreast of current events are scratching their heads at the reaction from the main stream media and the Democrat party as they attempt to create the visage of the violent, angry, and even deadly Trump supporter, the reason this is so perplexing for everyone watching it unfold is that Trump is winning and recent polling even shows that the GOP may retain the house and gain seats in the Senate, so what would a Trump supporter be angry about?

The reality is, this is an act of contrition on behalf of the Left. They know they have stoked violence, fear, and outright hatred against Trump supporters and Conservatives nationwide, whether it’s harassing anyone involved in the administration, assaulting anyone espousing a conservative view either on a college campus or during a peaceful march, or if it’s the constant Armageddon scenarios painted by the Left wing media about the millions of people who will die if the Democrat party doesn’t get it’s way. No honest person with critical thinking skills is going to buy that Trump calling CNN “FakeNews” is equivalent to the Democrat party saying that millions of people will die if Obamacare repeal/Paris Climate Accords/Trump Tweets/Kavanaugh/literally anything they disagree with.

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The Left and the Democrat party have made it their mission to numb the entire country to the idea of dehumanizing and hateful rhetoric toward their opponents. They have created a wholly tribal and hateful machine that turns anyone who disagrees with their concept of American politics into a racist/nazi/deplorable/moron/cultist/terrorist/misogynist the list goes on. In their poisoned hearts they know they are responsible for the violence that has occurred, and their hope of playing the little “but the mail bomb guy!” will somehow vindicate them from the responsibility of declaring open season on anyone who isn’t a straight ticket Democrat voter who repeats talking points fed to them from corporate news. The Left doesn’t care about political violence, they care about people thinking that the Right is violent while they continue a sustained campaign of assaulting people into silence, and ultimately compliance with their chosen and approved narrative.

At the writing of this article there are over 600 documented acts of violence against Trump supporters or Conservatives, which dwarfs anything that could be said on the other side of the aisle. Let’s cut the bullshit and tell it like it is: is there an equivalency between a guy sending packages that, at worst, contained actual bombs that didn’t go off, or at best, contained props that were meant to resemble bombs as a scare tactic, and the attempted assassination of Congressmen by a man yelling “this is for healthcare”, or white powder envelopes sent to Donald Trump’s family stating “you get what you deserve”, or the countless other examples of hateful, violent, and evil rhetoric against the President or his supporters? The answer is an easy, No.


Yet here we are, the Leftist media pretending they have no responsibility for any of the violence of ANTIFA thugs, or other Leftists who believe Donald Trump is going to murder their families because he’s a Republican or something, using the acts of one man to create some stupid narrative that calling them out for their lies is equivalent to terrorism. The media, the Democrat party, and their sycophants around the country will conduct their grand historical revisionism and ignore a mountain of violence from their side, and use one person to somehow make themselves out to be victims.

The Democrat party loves to politicize every tragedy they can, and make their enemies out to be the perpetrators of heinous crimes, for instance, every school shooting is somehow the responsibility of every Republican, and yet they can’t fathom the idea that people would take that rhetoric and use it to rationalize committing violence against anyone on the Right. It is time we stand up for what we know is true, the Left wants you scared, they want you afraid to speak out, they want you terrified of being a Conservative. They want the nation to ostracize you, hurt you, and even kill you, and now they will take the acts of Cesar Sayoc to convince their deranged supporters that you are equivalent to Al-queda in hopes that some of their supporters will do the patriotic thing and kill you where you stand.

Prove me wrong.


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