Why did the Religious Right Vote for President Donald J. Trump?

After much deliberation and research, this subject needs to be expounded by identifying the competing worldviews with respect to the roles of the church, man, and government through the spectrum of Christianity. We will begin our insightful journey by providing a brief distinction between the Religious Left and the Religious Right. This analysis will demonstrate how a body politic perverted the role of man, the government and the church. Their ideology provided the logical reason why the Religious Right voted for President Trump.

Religious Left

We consistently hear stories about the Religious Right (RR), however, we never hear from the national news about the Religious Left (RL). The RL ascribes to ideologies professed by Marx and his religious benefactors (Kant, Hagel, etc.) while receiving Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Their worldview on the role of man, the church, and government is quite perverted to say the least. The RL clergy incorrectly teach and change Philippians 4:19 to what the founders of their dogma profess “And we [man, church, and government] shall supply all your needs according to our [man, church, and government] riches and glory through coercion and false doctrine.”

Based on most of the preaching from the pulpit by the RL ministers, the role of man is to give their time, talents, and offerings to identical social agendas which are indistinguishable in nature to government welfare programs. Man is not seen as an individual, but as part of a commune where his “works” will bring a Gnostic salvation through a “collective effort”. The RL church’s priority is to address social issues through robust giving campaigns, giving to the poor, combating homelessness, and “visiting the fatherless.

The “good intentions” of the RL only address issues from a secular perspective. These appear to be good works. But, these works will not produce any semblance of restoration in the one receiving the offerings from the church members. These “religious programs” mimic the identical extreme lack of efficiency and projected outcome as the redundant, federal Leninist-style, government programs from the offerings provided by the members of churches who adhere to conflict theorist ideals. Not only does the church redistribute wealth which leaves the recipient in the same spiritual state as before, but, she fails to provide the necessary accountability where members are not being swindled and those afflicted are in the same state as before (spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally). Thus, the member has given to a cause with no fruit and the recipient is still poor, homeless, hungry, or just stealing which enhances the outcome of every socialist program: dependency on the redistribution of man’s wealth.

Since the RL church and the elected Stalinist in the government share identical teachings, the church declares the government must be like the church without any accountability if wealth is seized and distributed in a way to address the same goals without preaching Christ.

The RL promote communist civic action, behavioral modification, and communal activity so their members can reach a certain level of righteousness (self-righteousness). Thus, the members begin to believe in their works as the legal sufficiency for salvation. For example, a church I used to visit in Maryland maintained a strong belief in black nationalism, communal/community organizing, and giving to the poor. When I read their doctrinal statement, I noticed they held the same beliefs as most evangelical churches. However, their understanding of the roles (man, government, and church) was as reprobate, manipulative, and coercive as the Democrat Party they fully support. Furthermore, instead of focusing on the biblical teachings of Christ (i.e. Christ and what He accomplished at the cross), they focused on Black Lives Matter issues and redistribution of wealth as a primary focus of their teachings.

Shiffrin, in the classic Marxist view boasted, “to make good on the claim that the religious Left is better equipped to engage with or to combat religious conservatism than is the secular left.” But, we need to remember Shiffrin is attempting to defend a degenerate view where man is the sole source to address the social ills. On the contrary, the Bible plainly expresses how man’s fallen nature and separation from God is based on man’s sinful nature. The only source the Father will recognize for acceptance is Christ. The Lord even said, “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me, ye can do nothing” (John 15:5). We must always be reminded; the Marxists within the US are word thieves by the basic tenants their philosophy espouses. The “Left” in the United States seized the term classical liberalism (which is more affiliated with conservatism) and perverted its definition to fit their belief and obfuscate its founding with the millions of deaths from Fabian Socialists (Hitler) and international socialist (Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Kim dynasty, Ho Chi Mihn, etc.).

The RL attempts to cloak the manifestations of conflict theorems with Christianity. The contradiction between the heart of the RL Christian and the political views they vote for at each election is difficult to resolved from a logical point of view. The doctrines of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection are shared with the RL. However, their marriage to the teachings of Molech, Baal, the moral adaptation of ancient Greece and Rome, and endorsing full redistribution of others’ wealth (Byzantine Empire) to support Marxist’s programs are aligned solely by who they continue to place in elected offices. When you ask a RL Christian about killing the innocent or the traditional view of marriage, some will agree that they abhor its practice and support the traditional view of family, etc. However, most support the perverted view of the role of government to seize and redistribute wealth to socialist programs which have a 100-year history of failure. Their marriage to Marxism and its amoral foundation will always transcend their marriage to Christ.

RL proponentsMarxism cloaked with Christianity

Religious Right

Evangelical Christians commonly believe the United States was founded upon the Word of God. In fact, there is much evidence indicating this nation would be a “Christian nation”. By a Christian nation, we do not want to institute a theocratic totalitarian government despite how the Marxists propose multiple straw-man fallacies. This nation will never be able to act as a theocracy. If you are an ardent atheist, this may cause some confusion. The United States cannot be a theocracy because as Christians we fully accept the individuality of every single human being. Everyone has a free will and due to the Fall of Man, each person is born into sin (born with the corrupt nature to rebel totally against God, His precepts, and any established civil government). Theocracies demand obedience (usually to a flawed doctrine) with the full support of the government to enforce its edicts through tyranny and force. On the other hand, we know the power and source of our prayer, dignity afforded to the individual as God’s special creation, and the proper roles the church, government, and the individual play in this great experiment known as a republic. Furthermore, we believe the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on His Cross is the only means of salvation and eternal life. For leaders to govern correctly, it’s role must not be intertwined with the role of the church or treat the individual as a collective proletariat.

Why did some like myself vote for President Trump. I cannot nor will not attempt to speak for the entirety of the Religious Right. However, since I am an Evangelical Christian, I can look at his promises and policies and assess why an Evangelical Christian would vote for him.

Some RR pastors have publicly stated that Trump is a born-again believer (Gabriel and Michael, 2016). As a believer, I fully know no one knows the heart of man vice the Lord. We [believers] can look at the fruit (Matthew 17:15 – 20) so I cannot logically make the same claims. However, I can see the fruit (love of Israel, love of the church, protecting the innocent, and abandoning socialism) where his policies outweigh another four years of socialist doctrine, apathy, and increased unemployment. But, to call him a believer would be illogical.

Trump has respected and aggressively promoted religious liberty for Christians and Jews (nationally and internationally). He continues to support protecting the innocent. Previous so-called conservative presidents (Bush 41 & 43) were mostly quasi socialist/globalist RINO’s. I don’t consider it strange that the Lord will place one in office who is not a Christian to promote Christian ideals.

The RR further believe in a merit-based economy: equal opportunity with different outcomes. For the most part, we reject Marxism (and its adolescent derivatives) due to 100+years of history showing how this tyrannical worldview destroys all liberty and begins its persecution of religious sectors (i.e. Stalin/Hitler and the Jews). President Trump believes in the free-market concepts, increasing employment, and deterring self-deceiving Marxist programs which are redundant in their abundance and ineffectiveness. B. Sanders and H. Clinton (both avid Marxists) want to continue with the same Marxists programs Obama enacted. Trump, (unlike a majority of the RINO’s) is a true conservative. Trump told the Christian community to basically preach the Gospel and he would protect our religious liberties, seek to end killing the innocent, and attempt to destroy the Johnson Amendment.

Furthermore, he has been the most vocal of presidents with regards to protecting the most oppressed and attacked groups of people in human history: the Jews. Previous Republican administrations only pandered to the RR and attempted to propagate how “religious” they were in real life. Additionally, the previous Marxist administration continued to verbally attack the RR and pervert the teachings of Christ to fiscally support decisions in complete contradiction to Christianity.

Lastly, conservative Christians have been praying for the country to return to a society where the nation is protected, religious liberty is promoted and safeguarded, the individual is thought of as an individual instead of a collective group of entitled robots who are told what to think, and the innocent are defended. Additionally, the role of the church, government, and the individual are not perverted to fulfill a political abomination called socialism.


In summary, we should not think it strange for God’s people to support a leader who is not “like” them. Israel’s history is full of heathen kings who destroyed the nation and her people repeatedly (due to disobedience to God’s law). However, the Lord spoke of a king who would help the children of Israel not only return to their homeland, but, worship the Lord in the Temple in Jerusalem (Isiah 45:1-4 712 BC, Ezra 1: 1-6, 538 BC). The church supporting someone who supports the free exercise and expression of their values is not uncommon. In fact, God “removes kings and sets up kings” (Daniel 2:21).


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Author: Josh Garber is a contributor and author of the article “Local Governance – Local Sheriff an Insider Threat to the Citizenry? Sheriff, Colleton County, SC” and an evangelical Christian who has studies the effects of Marxist theorems and their effects on liberty.


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