Call to Action: Gather Doomer Posts

I was chatting with a friend today who had a great idea. Collect all the doomer posts you can, the ones where people are shaming you for wanting to go to work, and wanting to go back to your lives. On local pages everywhere a debate is raging between people who want to go back to work, and people who think America needs to hide under the covers from the king flu.

China has been active in trying to shift the narrative from their responsibility in this virus, and the strong body of evidence that it came from their lab in Wuhan. China has threatened Australia to stop them from investigating China’s supression of the virus, and it’s foolish to think they aren’t doing the same to media companies in America who have business with Beijing. The narrative of keeping Americans hiding and out of work is merely an attempt to crater our economy, and exert government control.

We need to collect these hot takes, the fear mongering, and the doomsday reactions of the people in our communities so when this is over, and the evidence reveals the low mortality rate, and that the only people who needed to be quarantined were the elderly and infirm, so we can make sure these people see how easily they gave up rights, changed their lives, and accepted a contrived fear narrative and then pushed it on everyone else.

This is not revenge. We need to remind out friends and neighbors what happened, and how they reacted because the media will try to memory hole it and move on. We need people to realize how quickly they gave up their rights, emotionally rationalized it, and then attacked others over it.

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