Facebook Comms Director and Former Democrat Staffer Admits Facebook Will Censor Release of Emails Showing Biden Met with Burisma Officials

The New York Post released a story detailing emails between Burisma officials and Hunter Biden. In the emails an official from Burisma thanks Hunter for setting up a meeting between the official and then Vice-President Joe Biden. Joe Biden has claimed that he knew nothing of Hunter Biden’s business dealings, yet Biden admits on video that he withheld $1 Billion in military aid from Ukraine unless they fired the country’s top prosecutor who was investigating corruption on behalf of Buisma. Remember, the Democrats impeached Trump for a supposed “quid pro quo” with Ukraine, yet here we have Joe Biden actually admitting to doing just that, and we know that he met with Burisma officials, who were paying his son $50K/month.

Members of the press have also let the mask slip on how they want to play gatekeepers for information so they can try and shape public opinion when Democrat corruption is revealed. The senior legal analyst at Politico wishes that they could all discuss their strategy on how to handle information that damages the Democrat Presidential candidate prior to the American people being able to read the information for themselves.

The Democrats, big tech, and the media are all scrambling and revealing that they hate the fact that they don’t get control over what the American people see. They want to be the group who decides whether or not the American people deserve to know something, just like how Joe Biden suggested that the American people don’t deserve to know his positions prior to voting for him. It’s one thing to accuse the press and Democrats of operating as the Ministry of Truth from Orwell’s 1984, it’s a completely different situation when they are doing exactly that.

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