I’m Calling BS on The Bubba Wallace Noose Incident

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace claims that a noose was found in his stall at Taledega and the FBI is investigating the incident as a hate crime. Bubba Wallace received national attention when the only black full-time driver of NASCAR pushed the organization to ban the display of the Confederate flag at any of their events. The move by NASCAR was viewed as another instance of virtue signalling to a mob whose intentions are fueled by anti-American sentiment far more than by their claimed offense to “racist symbols”

I find this incident far too convenient for me to take it at face value. Wallace is a relatively unknown driver, at least outside of avid NASCAR fans, and reviewing his career he isn’t much to speak of within the championship standings. When a celebrity, who just made a national statement in support of a movement obsessed with claiming America is full of racists, I am reasonably skeptical when these celebrities suddenly have the perfect incident to propel their image and get them national attention.

I know this isn’t how we want the world to work, but this is how the world does work. Colin Kaepernick has turned his activism into the reason the NFL won’t sign him, and has gained lucrative sponsorships from companies who want to virtue signal their support for Black Lives Matter and other progressive causes. The fact of the matter is, there is a lot of money in becoming the newest “victim” of racism and being the symbol of a movement who wants to claim they’re oppressed. This is all of course my opinion, and time will tell, but I’m putting my money that this was likely contrived for Bubba Wallace to get attention, and hopefully garner sponsorships as the “outspoken Black driver in a historically racist sport”.

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