Internet sleuths believe they discovered child trafficking through Wayfair

This is pretty easy, conspiracies fascinate me and I’m always down for a good one, and child sex trafficking is bad and anyone involved should be punished. How valid or true this conspiracy is, I don’t know given that you can no longer find proof because the cabinets are sold out and the search engine is offline since this started trending. I will say people sharing this content suddenly started getting blocked on social media, which should always make someone sceptical.

Here is a Twitter thread on the matter as well as some screenshots:

These sceenshots are claiming to show that taking the SKU of the cabinet and placing it in Yandex will give you pictures of girls being sold.

This is the alleged proof that the missing girls’ name is the name of the cabinet and explains the high cost of the cabinet.

This is fascinating and scary. Several people have reported this to law enforcement and we will keep you up to date.

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