Liberals Get Excited Over Edited Trump Video That Makes Trump Look as Mentally Questionable as Biden

Because Joe Biden’s mental health has been a legitimate campaign issue given his frequent gaffes, incoherent babbling, and his need to have everything scripted, including town hall’s the left has been obsessed with finding some way to paint Trump as somehow mentally declining. Though the typical liberal line is “but Trump though” it seems like their tactic is to say “sure, Joe has something wrong, but so does Trump so it’s OK” which is an odd way to approach the Presidency, but this is the party who is running a man who is obviously suffering from some sort of mental impairment.

Liberals were joyous when someone deceptively edited a video to make it look as if Trump was in mental decline, the twitter user even gave their diagnosis, granted they are not a doctor. I can say, as someone who lost their mother to dementia that it is not something that should be thrown around lightly, but politics are always messy, and I can tell you in my experience Trump shows no signs of early onset dementia that I’m familiar with having been exposed to it with my mother, but that won’t stop liberals from trying to make Trump look like the candidate who is mentally declining, which also suggests they know theirs is and are now trying to shift the blame. Here is the tweet that went viral:

Here is the actual video of the event showing that Trump was waiting for the first lady:

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