Man Arrested The Day of Capitol Protest Commits Suicide

News stories covering this incident seem to conflate this man’s arrest with being involved in the Capitol protest but just a quick review of the local 11Alive news story does not substantiate that this man was necessarily involved in entering earlier that day, so let’s begin there. According to arrest records”[Christopher Stanton] Georgia along with several others were outside in violation of a District-wide 6 p.m. curfew. When officers gave several warnings for the group to disperse, documents said they did not. Georgia and the group were placed under arrest as a result.” Which is not being arrested for the “Captiol riot” as some are trying to claim.

What would cause someone who was arrested, primarily for violating curfew (remember, Mayor Murial Bowser placed Washington D.C. under a curfew of 6PM that night) to commit suicide? Just look at the rhetoric surrounding the half a million people who attended the protest. This man as it seems was arrested for violating curfew and it is likely that since he was at the protest that was likely conflated by many to mean he’s one of these “terrorists” or “insurrectionists” these Democrats keep speaking about so they can have John Kerry write them all recommendations for medals of honor for their valiant service of sitting in a room hiding from unarmed protesters.

A man committed suicide, and as it looks, it was likely because he knew his life may as well be over since the Democrat party wants to label anyone they disagree with as a terrorist. That’s what happened here.

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