Media Claims ANTIFA Supporter who Murdered a Police Officer is “right-wing”

Breitbart News previously reported that U.S. Air Force Sergeant Steven Carrillo shot and killed Sergeant Damon Gutzwiller in Ben Lomond, an unincorporated area close to Santa Cruz. A second deputy was injured and a third officer from the California Highway Patrol received a gunshot wound in his hand, The San Francisco Chronicle noted that although […]

The media’s penchant for lying and covering up left-wing violence reached a fevered pitch over the last month, but the liberal media claiming that a man with pro-antifa posts on social media is “right-wing” to try and sell the falsehood that everything is somehow Trump and Conservatives fault is straight Orwellian.

Source: ANTIFA Terrorist Allegedly Killed Sheriff’s Deputy and Media Covered Up His Left-Wing Ties – Big League Politics

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