Media Goes Back to Mask Fear Mongering Now That Protests Died Down

You don’t need to wear a mask while on a bike.

As we predicted weeks ago on our live program the media spent weeks defending protesters violating social distancing orders, and crowding the streets in the thousands only to return to mask fear mongering because Donald Trump plans to have a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma this weekend. Their feckless hypocrisy is on full display, and Americans are noticing. After Americans were laid off, missed graduations, and funerals Democrat politicians then marched with people in the thousands and attended memorial services for George Floyd signalling to the American public that the lockdown only applies to people who have the “wrong politics”

Whomever had the job of keeping the Democrat party from making complete assholes of themselves obvious retired or died because there is absolutely no way the American people aren’t going to call bullshit on this obvious hypocrisy. COVID lockdowns ended the minute Democrats and the media shilled for thousands to protest.

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