St. Junipero Serra Latest Statue to Trigger Liberals

The statue of a Roman Catholic saint, Junipero Serra, will be removed from public display over accusations that statues of the missionary reflect oppression of indigenous peoples, according to city officials.

The mayor of Ventura, California, representatives from the Barbareno/Venureno Band of Mission Indians, and a pastor of the Mission San Buenaventura issued a joint statement agreeing to take down a bronzed, 9-foot statue of Serra and have it “moved to a more appropriate non-public location” on Thursday, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The fragility of the Left is on full display as they continue their American tour of being outraged by everything. Their pursuit of putting trigger warnings on life itself and throw public temper tantrums has revealed the petulance of leftist ideology. Now that the Left has shown they are offended by Syrup, cereal, statues, books, movies, video games, and TV shows, I think they’ve lost any right to accuse anyone else of being “fragile” or a “snowflake”.

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