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Wrongthink Radio has been charging hard for years to bring our audience the facts and analysis they need to navigate a world full of propaganda, leftist censorship, and a deepstate trying to subvert our lives. I don’t want to be beholden to advertisers, and what they believe is “acceptable” content, I don’t want to be bullied by the speech police on Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. Heading in to the 2020 election the censorship of Conservatives and any Right-wing opinion will be more aggressive than we can imagine.

We want to be audience driven, and we want to host our content from our own platform on our own website. This will insulate us from the over reach of big tech and give us the ability to speak directly to our audience and give them the facts they need without being forced into a position where we can be suppressed by Leftist boycotts or social media bans. Americans deserve a voice, and Americans deserve a place where they can get information that isn’t crafted and molded by advertising firms and DC consultants.

These are the reasons why we have opened a subscription site. We are offering a weekly podcast for subscribers, and will continue to roll-out more exclusive content. Our intent is to host all of our content from our own website, no longer reliant on YouTube or big-tech so we will never be silenced.

Please consider supporting Wrongthink Radio, and we promise to bring you the best content, analysis that we have proven is months ahead of other commentators, and provide a voice to every one of our audience like no other program.

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