America’s Most Dangerous Days

America is witnessing some of the most dangerous days to Her Republic, that I have ever witnessed in my lifetime,


The Abyss of Civil War

America will be unable to continue for much longer through the “give and take” of Congressional politics, when one views

The Truth Will Set You Free

[Author’s Note: I am sending this out as a reminder of what America still faces today. Many of my community’s

FBI Reveals Connections Between Antifa and ISIS

Edward Klein reveals in his book “All out War – the plot to destroy Trump” that the FBI has been

Antifa are Terrorists

You get a choice. You either support the first amendment or you don’t. Antifa are assaulting people because they don’t

Why does the Left say you can burn the American flag but you can’t own a Confederate one?

In New York and many other places people want to ban the flying of the confederate flag, and this is