America’s Most Dangerous Days

America is witnessing some of the most dangerous days to Her Republic, that I have ever witnessed in my lifetime,


The Abyss of Civil War

America will be unable to continue for much longer through the “give and take” of Congressional politics, when one views

Willing to Die for America

[LaVoy Finicum at the Malheur wildlife refuge, which he and fellow American Patriot activists seized in January 2016] [Activist LaVoy

The IG Report Hides The Truth

The FBI brass must have needed hazmat suits to scrub DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on agency misconduct

The IG Report Hides the Truth

What alternate universe is Horowitz from and when are some of these criminals and traitors to the United States going to be prosecuted and thrown into the deepest, darkest dungeon, underneath a prison?

Senate Committee Letter Shows FBI Leadership Coordinated with CNN in E-mails About Release of Dossier

In a recently published letter by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, there are questions pertaining to