The Abyss of Civil War

America will be unable to continue for much longer through the “give and take” of Congressional politics, when one views


America Must Fight For Her Culture.

America and Her Judeo-Christian Western culture is the best in the world, and all Americans must be prepared to defend

The Truth Will Set You Free

[Author’s Note: I am sending this out as a reminder of what America still faces today. Many of my community’s

The oxymoron of Muslim Feminists

The social justice movement is full of contradictions, and nothing is more fun than how easy it is to dismantle

Cosmo Changes a Man’s Religion to Make Islam Look Better

In yet another example of the Left’s ignorance and constant apologist rhetoric toward Islam changes a Sikh man’s religion

Apologists Everywhere

I’m stealing this gem away from our normal comics and nerd stuff writer Rob because I feel it’s in my