The Abyss of Civil War

America will be unable to continue for much longer through the “give and take” of Congressional politics, when one views


Tell Me This Isn’t An Invasion

A caravan of illegal alien invaders, waving Honduran and Mexican flags, is marching towards America, and its lawless nature should

All Out Political War: A Democratic Party Hit Job

[Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) goes on the attack Thursday during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing involving an accusation of sexual

Swallow the Capsule, John

Freedom of speech is one thing, but nowhere does the First Amendment protect criminals from the consequences of their real

Willing to Die for America

[LaVoy Finicum at the Malheur wildlife refuge, which he and fellow American Patriot activists seized in January 2016] [Activist LaVoy

Realigning the Supreme Court

[Amy Coney Barrett _ Federal Judge on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals] Under our God-given rights, Our Founders saw