The MSM Really Doesn’t Want to Talk About The Driver who Hit Seattle Protesters

Early Saturday morning a car racing down I-5 in Washington state slammed in to protesters blocking the freeway. One protester, Summer Taylor died Sunday evening as a result, and the other Diaz Love remains in critical condition. You can find the name of the driver, Dawit Kelete, but pictures seem impossible.

This is a stark contrast to a similar, but not the same, situation in Charlottesville, Virginia where James Alex Fields, a white man hit protesters resulting in the death of Heather Heyer. Almost as soon as the crash happened in Charlottesville the media had Fields’ photo everywhere, and began claiming he hit protesters because he was a “white supremacist”, even though Heather Heyer was also white.

NPR last week attempted to claim that cars hitting protesters was a new form of “right-wing terrorism” even though almost all of their examples were found to be nothing of the sort, and many were the result of protesters assaulting vehicles and drivers causing them to flee, as seems probable in the Charlottesville case with James Alex Fields. The media is obsessed with painting the picture that there is a violent contingent of right-wing terrorists, but they always fall short on evidence, whereas Americans have seen weeks of violence from the Left-wing, and silence from Democrat politicians.

There is a two-tiered justice system in America, and it is perpetuated by the liberal media. A Michigan woman and her husband were charged with felony assault after a black woman and her daughter harassed and followed them to their car, and blocked them from leaving, resulting in Jillian Wuestenberg drawing her pistol and shouting for her harassers to “get back”. James Alex Fields received an over 400 year prison sentence, and his face plastered all over media, yet Kelete has relative anonymity.

Instead of beating around the bush, let’s just get to the point. If you’re white, and you defend yourself against an angry, violent leftist mob, you’re going to be treated as a terrorist. The St. Louis couple defending their home is just another recent example.

This is the type of world the liberal media wants to build.

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