Trump Blasts Lisa Paige for Playing Victim

Disgraced FBI lawyer Lisa Paige, who had to leave the FBI after it was revealed that she had an inappropriate relationship with FBI agent Peter Stryzok and Mueller had to remove both of them from his investigation because they were so corrupt that even a corrupt investigation couldn’t handle them. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Lisa Paige took a page out of the standard liberal playbook, which is “women are powerful until they’re caught doing something wrong, then they’re absolutely delicate victims”. The text messages revealed due to the Paige/Styzok affair showed us a group of FBI employees who knew they could pervert their trusted positions in the Justice Department and usurp the will of the American people.

Not only did Lisa Paige show her lack of ability to be a non-biased arbiter of justice, something the American people expect for a lawyer in a law enforcement agency, but she stood idly by while watching her lover obviously violate his duty as an FBI agent when he proved that he had absolute bias in both the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server, and the spying against Donald Trump. Now she wants to pretend to be a victim, a common tactic by liberals to shift the debate, in this particular case, from whether Lisa Paige is absolutely corrupt, to whether being mean to a delicate woman is Ok, because Liberals never want to debate about facts. Donald Trump is absolutely not having it.

If Trump haters haven’t realized that this is exactly why we elected him, to call out these tactics and the deep state who thinks they know better than the American people and that they are above the law.

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