WATCH: Black Man Slammed into Wall by Cops for Not Wearing Mask. Which Will Liberals Defend?

This is the exact example I’ve been waiting for to see the Left try to figure out what triggers them more, a black man being arrested by a white officer, or someone not wearing a mask. A man in North Carolina struggled with a Deputy while the Deputy was attempting to arrest him for not wearing a mask. A video of the incident was posted to Facebook.

The majority of incidents that lead to “excessive force” are when suspects resist arrest, and this situation looks no different. I don’t advocate people trying to fight police, we have a legal method to do this, and nobody gets hurt. On the other side of that coin though, I think arresting people for not wearing a mask is idiotic, but is the end result of Karen’s crying about killing grandma.

Both of these situations are because of the Left. They tell young black men that cops are garbage, racist murders, and they say that people who don’t wear masks are part of a Trump supporting death cult. I’m interested to see the mental knots formed by liberals, though they’ll propably just ignore it.

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