WATCH: Democrat Protesters Attempt to Attack Sen. Rand Paul at RNC

Where is any scene where Democrat representatives needed to be escorted by police through a crowd of hostile Republican protesters where the protesters were actively trying to assault the Democrats, we’ll wait. Last night crowds of Democrat protesters gathered outside the White House to scream “Fuck Trump” and “Black Lives Matter” during Trump’s acceptance speech for the Republican National Convention. The protesters brought a mock guillotine with Trump laying on it, and threatened to finish burning down St. John’s cathedral.

10 years ago the party held a rally in Washington D.C. in which black Democrat Congressmen claimed they had racial epithets shouted at them, yet several videos of the incident contained no evidence of such a thing, Andrew Breitbart even offered $100K for any proof of the incident, nobody ever collected. Let’s not forget how “dangerous” the lockdown protests were according to Democrats as well. Americans are inundated with claims from the media about “violent Trump supporters” and “right-wing domestic terrorists” yet any incident even close to what happened last night to Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) would result in non-stop media coverage and bloviating speeches on the floor of Congress.

Senator Rand Paul was also at the Congressional baseball practice when a former Bernie Sanders volunteer, James Hodgkinson, attempted to assassinate Republican Congressmen, and he was attacked by his neighbor which was celebrated by Nancy Pelosi’s daughter. We have countless examples in just a few years of Democrats condoning, perpetrating, and perpetuating violence without any condemnation from the media, yet America is told every day that Trump supporters are a threat.

The gaslighting of the media is almost to much to beat at this point, and their vicious hatred of Donald Trump has morphed into an alternate reality where Democrats can burn down cities and murder with impunity, but a 17-year-old who shoots men attacking him is the greatest threat to our country, and a couple defending their own home are considered racist instigators of violence. We truly live in two Americas, at least we live in the real one.

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