WATCH: Shooting at New Mexico Protest

For weeks the media has praised riots across the country, and chastised anyone who called them violent or reminded the American people of the at least 20 people killed and hundreds wounded, including a Las Vegas Police officer who is now paralyzed after being shot in the head, it was inevitable that citizens would say enough and arm themselves to protect their communities. In Albuquerque, New Mexico protesters gathered to tear down a statue of Don Juan de Oñate, someone I’m certain everyone would need to google, but apparently his statue is the reason racism exists in America. The protesters were met by a group of counter protesters, including a group calling themselves the New Mexico Civil Guard.

Odd how in this thread the writer seems upset that police aren’t there, given that similar protests across the country are demanding to abolish the police. It was inevitable that members of the community seeing their law enforcement take a knee to violent rioters that they would believe they needed to defend the community themselves. That is exactly what happened when a counter protester was assaulted by several people, and he shot one of the protesters.

Now we get to watch the mainstream media ignore all the violence that has occurred over the last 3 weeks, and likely call this “right-wing terrorism”. Arguably, this was the intent of these protests all along. They defang the police, destroy community businesses and kill people, then finally people push back and the Left claims there is terrorism in Trump’s America.

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