WHO Quietly Reduces Fatality Rate of COVID-19 to 0.13%

On Monday Dr. Mike Ryan, director of the World Health Organization’s emergencies program said that their current estimate is that 10% of the world’s population is infected with COVID-19. With a world population estimated at 7.7 billion people that would place the infected population at 770 million. This number would place the fatality rate of COVID-19 at 0.13% rather than the WHO’s estimate of 3.4% which was used to create government models and justify lockdowns worldwide. With the media in a frenzy over Donald Trump’s diagnosis of COVID, and their subsequent coverage painting the White House as ground zero of the pandemic, the fact that there is little to no chance that any of the Republicans the media is mentioning as infected will die, which really destroys their narrative that this virus is ultra deadly and justifies intense governmental measures.

As we’ve stated numerous times on our program, the likely scenario which occurred here is that the original data was incorrect and governments reacted according to that incorrect data. They instituted measures to ensure this virus didn’t wipe out populations. The science has updated with more information yet these governments are unwilling to admit that this new information changes how they should react. Instead of being honest and upfront, saying that at the time they were bracing for the worst case scenario, and now with the new information they will adjust their reactions, they instead double down that this virus is an extreme threat to everyone alive.

With Donald Trump’s diagnosis the media and Democratic party appear to painting the perception that COVID-19 is even more deadly than any of us ever imagined. They have referred to Trump’s actions as “biological warfare” and even claimed him riding in a vehicle with a mask on “put lives at risk”. This fearmongering amid the WHO revising the fatality rate to 0.13% shows precisely how politicized this virus has become. The Left does not want to cede the control this virus gave them over the economy, culture, and really, our everyday lives.

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